Instance Auditor (Jira)

Instance Auditor (Jira) is your ticket to a better performing Jira instance. This App is designed to extract critical information about your instance into a single location that is easily digestible for your Jira administrators. When you know how much clutter and unused content is in your instance, you can proactively take the proper steps to clean it up so that your Jira instance optimally at all times. You no longer have to traverse all over the Jira Admin Panel to delete certain items because deletion is built into our App. Using the export features, you can take your data offline for detailed reviews or simple capture snapshots in time of your Jira instance. Whether you need to delete individually or in bulk, Instance Auditor (Jira) has you covered so your cleanup is easier and faster.

Instance Auditor (Jira) also provides valuable information for cases where your organization is consolidating or migrating multiple Jira instances. When installed in each instance, Instance Auditor (Jira) quickly provides counts of critical content to assist with understanding how much content (i.e. projects, schemes, etc.) resides in each instance and what needs to be cleaned up prior to consolidating and/or migrating the instances. Using Instance Auditor (Jira) ensures your consolidation and/or migration efforts only deals with valid, active content in each instance. If you have ever been involved with a consolidation or migration effort, you know that there is nothing worse than moving a ton of unnecessary Jira content and bloating your timelines from less than an hour to several hours because you are moving content that is no longer used or active.

Screenshot #1: This is the Global Content Auditor area. Here you can obtain information about Projects, Project Categories, Project Roles, Statuses, Resolutions, Priorities and Issue Types.

Screenshot #2: This is the Project Content Auditor area. As you can see, you can review information regarding Issue Types, Workflows, Fields, Screens, Boards, Dashboards, Labels and Filters.

Screenshot #3: This is the Scheme Content Auditor area. This section lists Workflow Schemes, Screen Schemes, Notification Schemes and Issue Security Schemes.

Screenshot #4: This is the JSM Content Auditor area. Here you can find information specific to Jira Service Management such as JSM Instance Info, JSM Projects and JSM Organizations. This area is JSM specific.

Screenshot #5: This is the Instance Content Auditor area. It displays information about your actual instance under the Instance Info, Licensed Project Types, Global Settings, Attachment Settings, Time Tracking Providers and Groups.

Screenshot #6: This is another image from the Project Content Auditor that displays a list of Scrum and Kanban boards and the board’s administrators, both Users and Groups. Also displays the board’s project that it is linked to.

Bug Reporting & Feature Requests

Have you found a bug in our App? Do you have a feature request that you think will make Instance Auditor (Jira) a better App? Open a ticket using the RenWare Support Portal.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Opening a feature request in our support system "does not" guarantee it will ever be implemented in our product.